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Welcome to Akira Colors, the game-changer in the world of digital printing. As a newly established company, we are passionate about providing exceptional DTP (Digital Textile Printing) dyes that elevate the quality and possibilities of your printing projects. With a commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction, Akira Colors is set to transform your digital printing experience.

At Akira Colors, we understand the importance of achieving impeccable results in digital printing. That's why we have meticulously developed our DTP dyes to offer unparalleled quality and performance. Our dyes are formulated using cutting-edge technology, ensuring vibrant colors, excellent colorfastness, and remarkable durability. With Akira Colors' dyes, you can trust that your prints will not only impress but also withstand the test of time.


Expansive Color Palette

We Believe That Creativity Knows No Bounds, Which Is Why We Offer An Extensive Color Palette To Fuel Your Imagination. From Bold And Striking Hues To Soft And Subtle Tones, Our DTP Dyes Cover The Entire Spectrum, Allowing You To Bring Your Artistic Visions To Life. Whether You're Printing Vibrant Fashion Garments, Captivating Home Textiles, Or Eye-catching Promotional Materials, Akira Colors Has The Perfect Dye To Meet Your Color Needs.

We Understand That Digital Printing Encompasses Various Substrates And Printing Methods. That's Why Akira Colors DTP Dyes Are Designed To Be Versatile And Compatible With A Wide Range Of Fabrics And Printing Equipment. Whether You're Working With Polyester, Cotton, Silk Blend Or Using Direct Or Sublimation Printing, Our Dyes Ensure Optimal Color Transfer, Excellent Ink Penetration, And Consistent Results Across Different Applications.

Join The Akira Colors Revolution

Experience The Difference With Akira Colors DTP Dyes. Discover A World Of Endless Possibilities, Where Vibrant Colors And Exceptional Performance Converge. Revolutionize Your Digital Printing Projects With Our High-quality Dyes, Unleash Your Creativity, And Leave A Lasting Impression. Choose Akira Colors As Your Trusted Partner In The Digital Printing Journey.

Contact Us Today To Explore Our Product Range, Request Samples, And Embark On A Vibrant Future With Akira Colors. Together, Let's Redefine Digital Printing Excellence.


Localizing all of dyes stuff and chemicals industries in all relevant sector is our principle mission....

Our Goal

Production and covering all kind of chemicals and dyes in textile , leather , paper , fuel ,food and pharmaceutical grade which are completely ecofriendly...

Our Values

Improving the quality of our products which are reaching to the standard grade is our values Meanwhile Declining the total cost of final goods with best...